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All Together Different.

Buffalo Commons is an academically rigorous, creative, and collaborative K-8 learning community that uses research-based teaching practices and innovative programming to close the opportunity gap and prepare a diverse student body to lead successful lives which strengthen their communities.

Who We Are

Welcoming kindergarteners and first-graders in Fall 2022, Buffalo Commons Charter School embraces a vision of active diversity—a way of being—that transcends demographics and extends beyond descriptions and categorizations.

At Commons, active diversity is the freedom for every student to truly be themselves, and the opportunity to discover who they want to become.

Being around people who are different—individuals with unique backgrounds, experiences, perspectives— inspires empathy and positions students for success, both academically and in the real world. The fullest expression of individuality is when we embrace someone else’s. Differences then become common ground on which we solve difficult problems.

Solving big problems—now that takes practice. Challenging yet within reach, the Commons curriculum borrows lessons from the world around us and prioritizes the representation of all cultures. Students make connections between their surroundings and their studies early on, helping them develop critical thinking skills, a sense of self, and the confidence to make an impact in their community.

Powered by leadership, teachers, students and their families, we make the most of our precious time spent together, creating a safe, positive learning environment—a sacred space—where curiosity is shared and challenges are met head on. This is our common purpose.

It’s here that every student realizes their unique talents are needed in the world—your Buffalo Commons education unlocks the potential to become a force for common good.